Kiera Technologies, Inc. was established with a commitment to provide our clients with the best technology and resources to enable them to meet their strategic and tactical Information and Technology objectives.

Today, no matter what your business is, your competitors are using IT to move faster and further than ever before. The Internet economy has empowered the customer with more information and more choices than ever before. There is absolutely no room for any errors or omissions. You have to do it Fast and you have to do it Right.

With our incredible breadth and depth of experience (tens of thousands of hours) in IT we can help customers navigate this rapidly changing landscape of opportunities. Our experience spans across industries and verticals - Health Care, Insurance, Telecomunication, CRM, Workflow Management, Credit Card, Key Control, Document Management - just to name a few. Our consultants are highly respected not only for their acumen in technologies like Microsoft, Oracle, Java, but also their thorough professionalism and dedication towards quality and innovation.

We recognize the fact that there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution to IT problems. And so, our IT services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the your business. Whether you want to keep your resources aligned to core business functions and outsource IT projects, or, want to develop IT solutions in-house we can help you with our bases in Northern California, New England and a development center in Bombay (Mumbai), India.